Once upon a time… after the big flood, men decided to build a huge tower which would help them reach the sky. But at some time the tower collapsed…

Let us keep the essence of the story and ignore about the religious backgrounds. To those of you who associate myth to something which never existed, please read about the works of Carl Jung.

I personally think our contemporaries should look back into mythology and legends where a lot of extremely relevant teachings are to be found.

Hopefully that would help men finding some relief by taking distance from their absurd achievements: pushing limits higher and higher in architecture, economic growth rates, life expectancy, industrial outputs, shipping volumes, micro-processors sizes, stocks and Dow Jones levels, quantitative easing, stilettos height, presuming one day they’ll offset limits.

Golden river

Golden river

They could stop wasting energy and our environment, all the waste produced when they take linear paths which like Babel towers will never reach the sky

Only cycle evolution leads to virtuous trends that will never fail as Nature constantly shows us, and among numerous examples the path of Kundalini spiralling up is one of the greatest.

The consequences of our spiritual evolution thus achieved will also be visible on a physical plane: we will develop new integrative methods of living in harmony with Mother Earth where no waste is produced (as all is recycled) and all our resources come from the eternally renewing cycles… last but not least through evolution we can get rid of our horrible greed, egotism and selfishness, stop using what is not necessary, stealing the share of others… And as we lose our short-sighted view and widen our vision of the whole we would stop developing poisonous solutions which end up destroying our soil, our air, our waters and our own health. We would create living solutions.

Finally, we would really become intelligent (fully integrated) as our mind would be nourished by our heart. No need for us to become robotic trans-humans depending on artificial devices because through real evolution we are set to become super-human

Golden river

Golden river

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What is thoughtless awareness

In the recent movie “Origins” which I recommend to all of you, they introduce the notion of “situational awareness” when all our senses are fully awake and our attention is turned towards the present moment and alert to anything one can see, smell, hear, touch and feel in one’s environment, ideally in Nature, in one word when one is actually fully alive… and aware.

Thoughtless awareness is very close to that, meaning: alertness to the present moment, except that when in meditation nothing really matters to the point of disturbing/breaking the state of “ataraxy” or inner silence, a state where our attention has completely withdrawn itself from the thinking process and other kinds of distraction.

That is why meditation is so intense when practiced in pristine Nature.

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Shri Mataji’s legacy

Shri Mataji passed away but what is important is that her message & teachings about life remain fully alive through us keeping it pure and authentic and passing it on through generations and generations.
Most importantly, her message is not just words but the actualization of something sacred we all carry, secretly buried in ourselves… that is the primal energy-consciousness that is the cause & the foundation of our being as well as all beings, the sustainer and the revealor of our full potential as highly consciously evolved beings, guardians and protectors of the creation.

Only through this actualization and development in us may we inspire others, truly honour her message and fulfill her vision of a grown-up world made of peace, love, balance and simplicity.

No other form of reverence through some kind of idol worship or fetishism is due if we want to honour and maintain the integrity of her legacy and spirit.  As she warned us so many times, we must keep in mind that fetishism is the trap where all religions failed while falling in dead matter and breaking the connection…

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Kundalini, force of evolution

Kundalini force is in everything, but in the most effective, the best, the highest form, it is in human beings.

Excerpt of a talk given by HH. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, in February 1979

L1040792“When I was a young student in school, at that time I could never have believed that we could ever reach the moon; noone could have believed. If anyone would have said that, the people would have laughed at such a conjecture. Even today if you tell my grandmother, she does not believe it. She thinks it is just a story you are telling. But we have reached the moon, no doubt.

In this system, we have used a very wonderful system of putting 5 capsules one into another and the first capsule, the lowest one explodes and triggers the movement of the rest of four capsules. When the second one explodes, it gives an even greater acceleration; the speed increases in such a tremendous way that suddenly we find the acceleration is a very high multiple of the first one; then when the third one explodes it gives another push to the capsule. Next, the fourth one explodes; then the fifth one which contains the spacecraft. Through this kind of explosions from one to the other through that built-in mechanism, we have been able to achieve a very high acceleration for the spacecraft.

In the same way our evolution has taken place. We got this idea from the UNCONSCIOUS without even knowing about our evolution. We have come to know how it has happened, but we cannot correlate both things together. So in the same way human being was created out of amoeba or amoeba was created out of all the elements. In the same manner we can say that we were made again of 5 capsules.

The first one is the physical or physical being.

Inside the physical being was kept the emotional being.

Inside the emotional being was kept the spiritual being, and

inside the spiritual being was kept the Spirit or our attention.

We can say, KUNDALINI is the one that triggers, that is the one that explodes.

L1040791So Kundalini force is in everything, but in the most effective, the best, the highest form, it is in human beings. It is this force which exists in everyone and evolves everything, say from carbon to the amoeba stage and from amoeba to animal stage and from animal to human stage. Even in elements it exists because the elements also evolve. We do not know how they evolve but it happens in Nature, that elements start changing their forms and mass and they become different elements; we have no idea of this because we have no way of measuring the quantity of this change that is taking place.

Then the animals also change, from fishes, many become reptiles, out of reptiles many become mammals, from mammals many become primates, monkeys and then human beings. All this happening takes place. How many are destroyed, how many remain, how many are transformed, nobody has kept any account of it.

Today, we talk of population problem, perhaps many animals have taken birth as human. You can see the effect of that, the way people are behaving; you can be sure that many animals have taken human form and they have yet to go through a lot of evolution and training as a human being to understand the value of human life. A human being starts evolving within himself.”

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Supreme Joy is our destination

SunsetHow the joy of God passes into the hand of man and how His light comes into the heart of man, as Spirit. It is beautiful. And at that stage, when you have become a human being, people say, human beings have a soul. Not that others do not have, but the light starts burning in a human being only. Because of that light, we talk of religion, we talk of God, and we talk of eternal things.

But being a human being is a very precarious stage. Because at this stage, we are likely to jump on one side or another (left or right sympathetic channels)* where the balance is lost. It is the exclusivity of human awareness to reach a stage where we become independent and in that independence only we must find and realize our own glory. This glory can never be a reality as long as we are a slave or under bondage of something that is gross; unless and until we become free, there is no way that we may enjoy the eternal joy, our destination, that is within us. So, it must be our responsibility and our goal to expose ourself more to that joy, by opening ourself out more and more, getting subtler, and cleaner, so that we come to feel that supreme joy.

*Explanation:  We are talking about the sympathetic channels of energy which are the undercurrents of our autonomous nervous system. By taking to one side, we are automatically drawn to the other side as a pendulum  (bipolar personality) and our chance to strike a balance gets thinner and thinner; as a result, we lose control with the risk of losing our relation to the Spirit which is only possible through the path of evolution in the center – represented by the parasympathetic channel of energy (the axis of our autonomous nervous system). That is why all the prophets came throughout history and all insisted on keeping  ourselves in a balance, so as to remain firmly on the ladder of evolution.

After a conference on the Spirit given by HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, on Jan 1st, 1977

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